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Truss and disco theme lighting for large event

Charity Gala and Brand Relaunch

To help relaunch their brand and raise money for their charity, Snug Harbor Cultural Center turned to

Everything Entertainment to supply green lighting with touches of yellow for their annual gala.

LED up lighting, moving head washes, table centerpeice spotlighting, and warm textures filled the room.

Custom gobo projection of wedding monogram

lyft Launch Party

String lighting illuminated the entire lounge area, while the ice cream stand was highlighted

during the launch of lyft, enhancing the natural beauty of the venue the 1896.

Fashion Show Runway Lighting

Fashion Show Runway Lighting

The runway, lighting, projector screens, and light show, was all coordinated for a clothing line

roll out in New York City.

Product highlight lighting

Product Highlight Lighting

LED Pinspots were used in conjunction with LED lighting to highlight the product used in this

wonderful display

Hollywood Theme Fashion Show

Hollywood Theme Fashion Show

Moving heads and conventional lighting provided the star gobo projections and runway lighting for

this fashion show in NY City. The digitally printed custom runway was also fabricated by

Everything Entertainment

Kentucky Derby Theme Lighting

Theme Lighting

Kentucky Derby theme was prominent throughout the event with jockeys on race horses being projected

througout the venue

Club lighting

Lighting a Promotional Dance Party

Moving heads were hung from truss that spanned across the dance floor. Color changing LED lights

were used in a matrix on the wall, behind DJ Tiesto, as crowd blinders. Computer run light shows

coordinated all the up-lighting colors and effects.A hazer enhanced the lighting effects for the

crowd of 800. Everything Entertainment also custom fabricated a stage above the venues

built in Koi pond and glass table, that held over 3,000 lbs of sound equipment.

Arabian Nights Theme Gala Lighting

Arabian Nights Gala

Guests entered the room as the amber lighting simulated a desert sunset. Pin spots and uplighting

highlighted an Arabian Nights tent as the focal point of the dance floor. As the night progressed,

the lighting turned to a dark night desert blue, and silhouettes of camels appeared on the walls.

When the band turned to dance music, the lights changed colors and chased to the beat of the music.

Rainbow theme up lighting

Rainbow Theme Charity Benefit

The lights slowly changed colors throughout the evening to enhance the rainbow theme of is charity


Lighting for Special Event

Lighting for Special Events

Whether you need to light a party, press conference, runway, or product launch, the lighting

designers can develop a plan just right for you.

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