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30x75 clear top tent

A clear top tent with custom floor was a beautiful entrance for an IBM client appreciation event

clear top tent interior

Carpet, raised floor, and clear top tent held the furniture rentals perfectly

photos taken during the initial site visit for planning

CAD drawing of tent

CAD of venue with tent was a great way for the client to visualize the finished product

raised flooring rental build

The crew working in the rain building out the raised floor rental

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IBM Client Appreciation Event

Gustavinos in NYC was a perfect venue for the IBM Client Appreciation night. Everything Entertainment built out a raised floor to maximize the outdoor space available and accommodate a 30x75 foot clear top frame tent.

  • 30x75 foot clear top frame tent
  • 15x18 foot clear top frame tent custom made to fit within a specific area
  • 32x76 foot raised floor with custom cutouts to work around permanent floral pots
  • (2) Double Tent Doors
  • (2) 8 foot wide sets of stairs
  • (1) ADA ramp
  • (12) tent fans
  • 10 foot high clear sidewalls
  • Taupe color carpet
  • Rigging for lights
  • 15x45 foot frame tent for luggage holding
  • Fire safety equipment
  • CAD renderings of event