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We can supply your event a Dance Floors, Carpeting, Value Turf, and Sub-Flooring.

  • Dance Floors - Parquet Wood, Glossy White, Glossy Black, and Custom Colors
  • Carpet - Available in dozens of colors, and we can even create an inlay with your logo or name
  • Value Turf - A less expensive alternative to carpet, available in a dozen colors
  • Sub-Flooring - We can provide a level floor over sand, grass, or dirt
  • Pool Covering - Whether you need additional party space that is currently taken up by your pool, or you want a clear lucite dance floor over the pool, we can provide you with either option.
  • Ultra-Deck - An inexpensive solution to keep your event-goers feet dry when events are setup on concrete or other hard surfaces. It also adds a tidy look to your event, even when used without carpet or value turf.

  • Prices subject to change without notice, and may be subject to additional fees such as travel, taxes, etc. Not responsible for typographical errors.